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Our Services

Our services to landlords…

Once the refurbishment of your property is complete, your property is handed over to the Galaxy Letts team for marketing and management. The process of finding a tenant for a property can take between 6 – 12 weeks. Within this time we will:

  • continuously advertise the property through Rightmove and our popular Facebook page.

  • carry out viewings and liase with prospective tenants.

  • carry out all the necessary checks on applicants aged 18 or over to ensure they would be a suitable and reliable tenant.

  • provide you with weekly updates to inform you of the progress of your property on the market.

  • compile all the relevant paperwork to back up the tenancy, including an AST, inventory and gas safety certificate.

  • ensure successful applicants have paid all the necessary fees in full and signed the relevant paperwork before we hand over the keys to their new home.

Once your property is tenanted with a minimum 6 month rolling contract, we will:

  • act as the first port of call for any questions or concerns the tenant may have.

  • chase up rent arrears in partnership with Galaxy of Homes.

  • deal with any maintenance issues with the appropriate contractors, first consulting you regarding jobs estimated to cost over £100.

Our services to tenants…

Throughout the duration of your tenancy, we will:

  • Provide all the necessary paperwork to back up your tenancy, including an AST and inventory, which we will hold one copy of and supply you with one copy of.

  • Send our own team or the necessary contractor out for maintenance work that is required. (If the issue is through no fault of your own then the cost will be covered by your landlord, however if it is due to the mistreatment from any tenants within the property, then you will be liable for any costs incurred).

  • Carry out quarterly inspections of your property in order to ensure the it is being kept in good condition

  • Act as the point of correspondence between you and your landlord, should they ever need to be made aware of any issues you are experiencing or any queries you may have regarding changes you wish to make to the property.

Repairs & Maintenance

You must report any repairs or maintenance issues to us as soon as possible.
We will let you know with an estimated time the repair will take, depending on the nature of the issue and how urgent it is.
If you have an emergency outside of normal office hours, please follow the emergency out of hours details on your AST. This number is for emergency use only.

Although your landlord has lots of responsibilities to keep your property in good order, there are some basic checks you can make before reporting repairs:
Calling our maintenance team out to a small repair you could and should check yourself could result in you being charged for the call out
No heating / Hot Water – Please check your boiler pressure and ensure this is between 1-2, that you have credit available on your gas and electric meter, is it showing any fault codes (please refer to your boiler manual), is the pressure too high or too low and have you reset the boiler?
No electric – Check your fuse board – has anything tripped? It is safe to turn the switch back on if it has. Check you have credit on your electric meter. Is it one appliance causing the fault, or one socket?
Damp – Most issues reported with damp are actually condensation issues caused by tenants lifestyle. You should keep your home well ventilated and heated to prevent condensation. Drying clothes on radiators should be avoided and you should use a proper vent if you use a tumble dryer.
Glass – In most cases, smashed glass is your responsibility. We can help with boarding up and replacement, but the cost will be for you to pay. We recommend you take insurance against accidental and criminal damage to your home. It is your responsibility to keep your home secure.
Pests / Rodents – In most cases, it is your responsibility to treat any pest infestations. If you have a persistent problem caused by a defect in the property, please contact us.
Gas Leaks – If you suspect a gas leak, you should contact Cadent and report this immediately on 0800 111 999. Open as many windows and doors as you can, do not turn on any lights or use any naked flames. Leave the property if possible.
Electrical Emergency – If you have a power cut contact Northern Powergrid on 105 or check

Please note that if a tradesman is sent to your property for an incident that is not your landlords responsibility or for an issue you could have avoided, a call out charge of £50 will be added to your account.


Reporting a maintenance issue at your property

If you have a maintenance issue at your property, the quickest and easiest way to report it is by using the following link: Galaxy Letts Maintenance Request System

Once we have received your request, we will inform our maintenance team or the relevant contractor and you will be contacted in order to arrange an appointment so that the issue can be resolved.